Training & Consulting

Allie has been training professionals on protecting crime victims, including animals, since 1997. She has conducted over 300 public speaking and professional trainings, authored over 50 publications.

Public Speaking and Consulting

Allie is frequently requested to present at international, national, state, and local conferences on the protection of animals and other investigation/prosecution issues. Her specialized training topics include:

  • The Co-occurrence of Animal Abuse and Violence to Humans: Investigation and Prosecution Strategies
  • Detecting and Reporting Animal Abuse for Human Welfare Professionals and Communities
  • Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T): Helping Domestic Violence Shelters to Accommodate Pets
  • Incorporating Therapy Animals with Crime Victims
  • Pound Seizure: How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation
  • How to Become an Animal Advocate
  • Pets Caught in the Financial Crisis
  • Keeping People and Pets Together: Celebrating the Human-Animal Connection

If you are interested in having Allie speak at a conference, please contact her for information.

Coaching & Healing

Since 2005, Allie has been a ardent student of the Law of Attraction teachings and since 2008 has been providing energy healing to people and pets. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Counselor, Certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor and works with Young Living essential oils which are safe for use with animals. Please visit Manifested Harmony to learn more about Allie’s work to help people and pets manifest their best life!

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