SAF-T Champion

Are you passionate about helping animals? About helping families with pets experiencing domestic violence? Looking for a way to make a real difference and impact in your community?

Become a SAF-T Champion! It’s really easy …

  • Read the SAF-T Start-Up Manual so that you understand the simplicity of the program.
  • Spread the word about SAF-T by reaching out to family violence shelters in your community, neighboring communities and state.
  • Share the SAF-T Program with your state domestic violence coalition and connect them with Allie to schedule a SAF-T webinar to their shelter members.
  • Help your community shelter implement the SAF-T Program.
  • Help your community shelter participate in National SAF-T Day.
  • Be on a private list of champions to know what states we are focusing on and next steps you can take!
  • Or any of the above!!

Click here to join! (This list is not for people seeking help or safe shelter. No reply email will be returned by using this link.)

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