National SAF-T Day FlyerNational SAF-T Day is the first Saturday in October annually!

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RedRover a national animal protection and  education nonprofit organization, offers financial assistance for victims  of domestic violence and their pets through their RedRover Relief program. Safe Escape grants may be provided for veterinary care and temporary boarding of pets. Safe Housing grants are available to  help shelter’s fund start-up costs for on-site pet housing projects.  Visit RedRover to learn more about available  grants.

The American Kennel Humane Fund also has grant opportunities for domestic violence shelters to obtain funding for on-site and off-site housing of pets.

The Veterinary Care Foundation has a program to provide veterinary funds to animals in crisis.

Other Successful Fundraising Ideas:

Consider these fundraising ideas to help you implement and sustain your SAF-T program:

– Join with your partner animal shelter and/or animal rescue organization to host a joint fundraiser.

– Ask local school classrooms and youth community groups to “adopt” your SAF-T program and help with supply drives and raising funds.

– Speak at local churches and community organizations about SAF-T and ask for their help with a supply drive or raising donations.

– Ask your local pet food store to place a canister near the front door to accept food and pet supply donations.

– Ask your partner veterinarian to place a donation canister in their clinic.

– Place donation canisters in stores around your community.

– Place small trees in stores around your community with paper ornaments that list an item that your SAF-T program needs. Supporters will take the ornament and purchase the item.

And many more ideas are listed in the SAF-T Start-Up Manual.

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