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The Today Show talks with Allie about her program (previously the Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS)® Program) (aired March 2009)

Listen to Allie’s webinar on the SAF-T Program for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (July 2014)

Women and pets: Side by side at Minnesota shelters in the Star Tribune (April 2014)

Pets Adviser showcases the SAF-T Program and URI-PALS new program in New York City (September 2013)

An article by Good (an online global community) about the need for more SAF-T shelters (July 2013)

Watch Allie’s webinar on the SAF-T Program given for the National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse (register through the link at the top of the page) (June 2013)

Congratulations to the Urban Resource Institute (in collaboration with the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City Animals) to be the first family violence shelter in New York City to Welcome Pets (May 30, 2013)

Florida domestic violence shelter to allow pets in Dogtime (October 2012)

Listen to Allie’s webinar on SAF-T, hosted by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (September 2011)

Article in Parity  – Homelessness and Pets (pages 25-26, May 2011)

Listen to Allie on Animal Magnet Pet Radio discuss the co-occurrence between animal abuse and family and the solution of the SAF-T Program (November 30, 2010) (segment starts at 35:45 thru 45:55)

Listen to Allie on WAMU The Animal House radio show (January 2010) (segment is third in the show at 25:06)

Listen to Allie on Steve Dale’s radio show (March 2010)

Feature in Canada’s Chatelaine Magazine (November 2009)

Feature in Cat Fancy July 2009 (July 2009)

Feature in Cat Watch article (May 2009)

Feature in Domestic Violence Bulletin – Link and Paws (June/July 2008)

Feature in USA Today (March 2008)

Feature in The Washington Post (November 2007)