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Animal abuse is a public safety issue

Whenever I hear that someone has brutalized an animal (not neglect, but actual harm and torture), I know that there is something in their past where either they were harmed or they grew up where violence was normalized. We are not born abusers, we are made abusers. It’s called the cycle of violence. Children who […]

Screaming will get you nowhere

I have been on all sides of the fence: prosecuting attorney, animal protection lobbyist (federal and state arenas), animal advocate, shelter volunteer, author and national trainer on animal protection issues, and a pet parent. I know how difficult it is for people to learn about animals abuse; and even more frustrating to watch how an […]

Does meat eating promote abuse?

I am a big believer that people need to decide what is right for them. Right? If you push people into doing something that they are naturally not inclined to do, they will not stay with it. It’s like the infamous New Year’s resolutions that have been trashed by the end of January. So in […]

Guest Blog: Why “Crazy” Isn’t Enough: Social and Cultural Explanations of Animal Abuse

Dr. Clif Flynn and Teddy From Allie: Stemming from my blog on July 12th called We Can No Longer Remain Silent, this is the first guest blog in a series that will let you hear directly from experts in the field as to why animal abuse happens and ways that we all can get involved […]

We can no longer remain silent

Well, today you will have to forgive me because I’m on a rampage! I completely LOST IT when I read this article about someone who put a kitten in cement up to his neck. By the time a Good Samaritan found him, chipped him out of the cement and rushed him to Best Friends Animal […]

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