Protecting animals from a deep freeze

This has been a really tough winter and we’re only in early January! I am originally from Michigan, so freezing temperatures, snow, ice are normal for the winter months for me. But for the past two months, much of the northern part of the U.S. has experienced record-breaking cold, ice and snow. Imagine that you […]

Pet Food Pantry’s save lives!

For the past few years, pets have been a silent victim of the recession and financial downturn. It is unknown how many pets have lost their homes because their families lost jobs and homes, but it is estimated in the millions. With animal shelters already suffering from over crowding with too many pets, not enough […]

Foreclosure pets – we all can prevent this!

Although the protection of animals often involves tragically sad stories, I aim to make this blog into a positive place where we can empower each other to do just a little more to help our furry companions. But this is a story that I am compelled to share because I want your input on what […]