We are missing one step of the process … healing!

Originally published on August 20, 2012 on the Manifested Harmony blog! If you have a family pet or have ever worked with animals, you know that animals have feelings and can suffer physical and emotional pain just like us. Animals are also sensitive to the energies in our world. As such, they can suffer from […]

What Pets Teach Us

Last Friday (February 24th), I said goodbye to my Sammy Jammy. He was at 14 years old and had been declining from kidney failure for the past few years. Sammy came into my life on March 2, 2000 from an animal control shelter in Michigan. We truly chose each other. I gave him a loving […]

June is Positive Animal Protection Month

In reporting the news of the day, have you noticed that most stories relate to death, destruction and downfall? In a world where we are surrounded by 24/7 news and social media sites, we are bombarded with negative news. In the world of animal protection, people frantically post stories and pleas for help to protect […]

Love and grief

For anyone who has ever been blessed to have the love of a pet, they can bring us countless joy, unconditional acceptance, and can cause us heartbreaking grief when they pass on. A reporter for USA Today recently shared his love and grief over the loss of his siamese cat, Sinatra. Read his story and […]

Pets at Work

More and more offices are allowing workers to bring their pet to work with them. Where I work at the American Humane Association, we have pet-friendly offices and can bring a pet once a week. I often bring cats from my cat orphanage shelter since my own kitties enjoy the comforts of home too much. […]