Protecting animals from a deep freeze

This has been a really tough winter and we’re only in early January! I am originally from Michigan, so freezing temperatures, snow, ice are normal for the winter months for me. But for the past two months, much of the northern part of the U.S. has experienced record-breaking cold, ice and snow. Imagine that you […]

Happy Healthy Holiday Pets

Did you know that the holiday season can be one of the most stressful time in your companion animal’s life? While we are busy preparing for, stressing over, and celebrating the season, our pet may take on unnecessary stress or become physically ill. But there are some simple things that you can do to have […]

Happy Holiday Pets

Let’s see a show of hands … how many of you are already stressed out over the holidays? Many of you have family arriving (or are expecting to travel), have a lengthy to-do list of gifts to purchase, and are worried about money. Many people look forward to, yet dread, the holiday season. Did you […]

Cats’ Bad Rap

My cat Lucy There is no question that I love cats; I love how smart and affectionate they are; I love that they are natural healers who will sit by their person when not feeling well. I love dogs and all animals, but there is something about the feline that brings calm and focus to my […]

Have a safe Halloween!

I always find it adorable to see family pets partaking in Halloween and dressing up for the event. In Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, dogs dress up and walk up and down King Street receiving treats from local business owners. I’ll never forget the Rottweiler dressed as Darth Vader! So while we enjoy this holiday, check […]