I must confess that I am not much of a techo-wiz and frankly amaze myself everyday when I update this website (or, gasp, add an entirely new page). As an example of my techo lameness, today I discovered that my book, How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation, is now available on Kindle and Nookbook! That may not be thrilling to most people, but I am intrigued by these digital reading devices and excited that my book is now available to more technologically advanced people.

Call me old fashioned, but there is something about holding a book, turning the pages, crinkling the corner of a pages you want to return to, and putting a well-read book in your book shelf to reside amongst hundreds of other friends. I am a rabid book reader, often reading 3-5 books at any given time, and haven’t quite switched my brain to the idea of getting a Kindle or Nookbook.

So where do you stand on reading books? Are you nostalgic and want to feel the pages crinkle with each turn, or are you high-tech and enjoy the glow from the screen of the new reading devices? Please enlighten me with your comments. Whether I am lame or nostalgic, I love touring the local book store and coming home with a new book friend. No wonder that I became an author! Enjoy your Sunday!