AKC Humane Fund has grant opportunities for domestic violence shelters to obtain funding for on-site and off-site housing of pets.

Banfield Foundation Pet Advocacy Grants provides help for vulnerable populations (including domestic violence victims) to keep their pets.

Jackson Galaxy Project/Greater Good Foundation can help a domestic violence build a SAF-T shelter.

Red Rover Safe Escape grants may be provided for veterinary care and temporary boarding of pets.

RedRover Safe Housing grants are available to  help shelter’s fund start-up costs for on-site pet housing projects.

US Department of Agriculture Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program provides funds  to facilities providing essential services (such as DV housing) to local communities serving populations under 5,500 and low-income communities.

The Veterinary Care Foundation has a program to provide veterinary funds to animals in crisis.

Other Successful Fundraising Ideas:

Consider these fundraising ideas to help you implement and sustain your SAF-T program:

– Join with your partner animal shelter and/or animal rescue organization to host a joint fundraiser.

– Ask local school classrooms and youth community groups to “adopt” your SAF-T program and help with supply drives and raising funds.

– Speak at local churches and community organizations about SAF-T and ask for their help with a supply drive or raising donations.

– Ask your local pet food store to place a canister near the front door to accept food and pet supply donations.

– Ask your partner veterinarian to place a donation canister in their clinic.

– Place donation canisters in stores around your community.

– Place small trees in stores around your community with paper ornaments that list an item that your SAF-T program needs. Supporters will take the ornament and purchase the item.

And many more ideas are listed in the SAF-T Start-Up Manual.