A shelter where you feel better after visiting?

For those of you who have volunteered at, adopted from, or visited an animal shelter, did you feel happy after you left the shelter? Or did you feel sad, depressed, anxious, and worried about the pets left behind? If it is the latter, then I want to tell you that there is a shelter in […]

Changing the soring rates of euthanasia.

This story from Erie County, Pennsylvania about the soaring number of cats entering shelters is tragic. These cats have a certain destiny of being euthanized and really points to a bigger problem. It’s easy to blame the shelters who have to euthanize because they ran out of space, or they don’t have enough adoptive homes. […]

Saving shelter pets

Far too many cats and dogs are surrendered to shelters because owners do not have the resources to correct a behavioral issue. Currently, there is a meeting of experts convening in San Diego to help address this issue. If pet owners have resources on how to address and correct behavioral issues, we will significantly reduce […]