Doing the right thing for animals

Yesterday marked a mile stone for me. It was ten years ago (February 5, 2003) that a traumatic and unexpected turn of events thrust me into the animal advocacy world and changed my career and focus on shelter animals forever. Thirteen years ago, I learned about pound seizure (where shelters sell or give animals to […]

Evolve or perish?

Last week, a physician and former state health secretary in Maryland filed a complaint with the Baltimore State’s Attorneys Office accusing Johns Hopkins University of animal cruelty from the use of live animals in training medical students. In an article in The Baltimore Sun, Dr. Martin Wasserman and his wife Barbara, both alumni of the […]

Success for Robert!

This is a wonderful story of successful advocacy. If you have read my book on “How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation”, on pages 86-87 I talk about an orange tabby cat named Robert who was living in a cage as an experiment at the University of Utah. PETA conducted an undercover investigation of what […]

Lab Dogs

This is a bittersweet story of a dog named Liam (previously 8888884) who was rescued from a laboratory after years of being an experiment. This story perfectly describes how dogs that are locked in cages and used as test subjects have difficulty afterward in trusting humans, knowing how to play, or even just being a […]

Love the Bunny!

Have you ever checked the label of your health & beauty or household cleaning products? If you have seen a cute little bunny on the label, congratulations for purchasing an item that is not tested on animals! The Leaping Bunny program was created by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics which involves national leaders […]