Don’t forget to heal

I spend most days working on issues that involve animals being in harms way, animals that have been abused, and finding better ways to protect them. I recently launched the National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse through the National District Attorneys Association and as Director of NCPAA I will be creating training programs for […]

Moral dilemma of words

As I was writing my next book (Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets which is now in editing), I struggled with whether to use the word “euthanize” or “kill” when addressing the shelter animal overpopulation crisis. Over the past few years, the No-Kill Advocacy movement has grown and encourages animal […]

Joining together to help animals

This week, three colleagues and I announced the formation of Michiganders for Shelter Pets. This is a coalition to bring together Michigan citizens, animal shelters, animal organizations, businesses, veterinarians and professionals to work toward the goal of ending pound seizure and gas chamber euthanasia in Michigan. I have been an advocate to end pound seizure […]

Fun Friday!

I just had to post this hilarious video that I recently took of Beau & Isis, two kitties who flew from the island of St. Croix to Virginia in order to be re-homed. These two did not know each other at the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center and flew at separate times. Now they are at […]

Do you have a plan?

Many of us have a home plan in the event of a disaster or emergency (i.e., exit route, important papers ready to grab or in a safe). But have you made a plan for your pets if disaster strikes? The recent gas-explosion fires in San Bruno, California should make us stop and think of what […]